Sunday, March 9, 2014

Product Review: Ironheart Artisans Paint Brush Rack

As some of you know I have friends all over the country, and recently one of my friends from MD, Dameon, asked if I wanted a Brush rack that he had one of his friends (Alex from Ironheart Artisans) to make. After looking how sad my Coffee Mug full of brushes looked I gladly said yes.

Not knowing exactly what to expect I soon got a package in the mail....That package that had 5 MDF laser cut parts in it that was SO WONDERFUL smelling It took me back in time to when I could smell wood burning stoves and fireplaces. Being in South East Alabama now I dont get the opportunity to smell those anymore. Anyway I quickly assembled the brush rack (5 mins tops) and started putting it to use. When I had finished and saw how awesome this thing was I asked myself... "this thing is ONLY $10??". Its an amazing deal.

The Following pictures were taken from Ironheart Artisans WEBSITE and are used without their knowledge or permission:

My rack was a "MK1" test model so mine looked a bit different:

SO I needed to make mine a little more..... "Munkey". So I started up and set out to make it Hot rod!!! I got busy with the Airbrush and made some cool effects and then went to my Vinyl Plotter and whipped up some custom Flaming dice Stencils and airbrushed them to a piece of black poster board that I then  glued to the supports. Here is what it looked like when I was done:
Yea... Something I was happy to put my brushes on!!! Anyway Back to the review, Here is the cut and dry of it...


  1. Price- At $10 you almost cant go wrong. Its a great deal.
  2. Design- its made to be easily loaded and unloaded and there is room on the "hooks" for multiple brushes OR for bigger brushes like terrain brushes or the like.
  3. Assembly- Its 5 parts and almost go together by themselves.... Easy to put together!!
  4. Sturdiness- Its Laser cut MDF and its built to last a while. I did put 6 drops of superglue on mine to lock the joins but they may not be needed.
  5. Smell- Laser cut MDF smells GREAT to me as I like the smell of a campfire and the great outdoors. This pleased me almost more than anything else...
Long term storage- Someone mentioned that storing brushes horizontal for extended periods of time will cause the bristles to "bend"... While I don't know about this I will list it as a "con" because it was something someone on the internet wasn't happy with... and I needed ONE THING in the con section. ;) if you put your sheaths back on your brushes and actually use brush soap with them and take care of your brushes it should not be a problem

Overall I Love this holder and plan to purchase 2-3 more for other brushes I have I need to put up. Its a home run in my opinion and I am happy I got one. Its a great product and its easy on the wallet to boot.

Till next time 

PS here are 2 more reviews from some of my buddies who recieved this product. check them out too if your not sold on what Im saying!!
My buddy Dameon who sent me mine- Khepri's Eternal Legion Blog
And my buddy Larry who had a good idea for an Alt use!! Djinn24 Youtube

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Dark Hunters Razorback....Errr Predator.

Well I got the tracks DONE!!!

these were pieced together from the old tracks and surprisingly I was able to do alot of cheating and reused most of the broken links. Im not terribly worried about the detailed lok as much as I am about "Table Top" look. I used "Framers Matting" as my stock to fill in the missing parts and only cut a rectangle. you can detail it if you wish with cutouts on the sides for the indv links and use a ballpoint pen to make a divot to look like links but I dont care enough with this tank to do that.

Next will be spraypaint and then to the paintbooth!! Im painting it with Navy (Dark Blue) Krylon American classics because thats what I have here and can find close to the color I was painting them before. from there I will Airbrush highlights and such on it then details, and final step will be weathering!!! Huzzah for the long weekend!!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

WIP Dark hunters Razorback

OK Well an UPDATE to the WIP Dark Hunters Razorback. After a Super Clean soak (tut here) of about 6 hours (I let it soak while I slept) I woke up and took a toothbrush to the parts. they came mostly apart and some of the superglue had released and broken apart. Here is a quick pic of what it looked like after the strip:

Now as you can see it did really well in the strip bath. I then strained out the liquid and tossed in the red rhino pictured in the group shot in the last post. It seems to still be working fine and the red rhino was crazy with thick paint so it wont hurt to leave it in for a while!!! Anyway I went to town breaking apart the model so I can ensure good joints and proper placement. I used my tool kit and made pretty quick work of the joins.  Trouble areas on this model were the tracks (plastic glued in place) and the floor (also plastic glued). the tracks will have to be spliced together and such to look good but its not too bad. The floor was a pain in the neck... I had to cut out some of the floor to get it to set correct (It was plastic glued in wrong and I had to break and hack it to fit somewhat correct!!) and did some gluing with plastic glue to get a strong bond on some not so stable body parts. Its pretty strong now but it was a bear to fit it correct!! Anyway I got it glued back together and am working on the tracks now... here are pics of how it looks now

Turret and sponson weapons glued

the body sub assembled. I had to do this to ensure correct placement as a unit, so top was glued into one side and bottom was to the other. when that was dry I then fitted them together to make it a whole body.

together and banded to hold

Well this is coming together nicely and I hope it looks nice when we are done!! Till next time Serve the Emperor well!!!


Saturday, January 4, 2014

WIP Dark hunters Razorback!!

I started out to do the WGC painting challenge and pledged to paint a rhino.... BUT.....
Change of PLAN!!! it is not a Rhino Its a Razorback!!! Here is why.... I laid out my Rhinos for this project and I chose from the ones that needed some work

I found this wreck of a rhino chassis that I got from Ebay some time ago.... so I thought it was time to make some magic on it and breath some life into it!! Here is a pic overall...

and some detail shots

As you can see this is a wreck..... Its a mix of superglue, plastic glue and hot glue, and there was an attempt to magnetize parts SO I might properly attach some magnets for the sponsons. the tracks need to be redone, as well as alot of glue work.... But first it goes to the Purple Pond for a soak to clean up some paint!!!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

You Get What You Pay For!

Hello Everyone!

I am here blogging as a special guest on Munkey Joe's blog.  This is my first time using blogger so please bear with me if it comes out looking all weird. =) For those who might not know me, my name is Lyn Stahl.  I am the owner of Metalhead Minis- Commission Painting, Consignment, and Sales.  Metalhead Minis was established in 2009, but I have been painting and collecting since 1997. Aside from Metalhead Minis, I also teach painting at multiple conventions such as GenCon and Genghis Con, I compete in painting competitions, and write articles for multiple hobby magazines around the world such as Figure Painter Magazine.

I wanted to take a moment to post some information regarding obtaining commission paint jobs from professional painters.  Often times, when professional painters hangout and "talk shop", one of the most common topics is the fact that a lot of people feel our rates are too high and such.  I have been thinking that there is a missing piece to this puzzle.  The piece that I think is missing is that perhaps if people were honestly educated about why the prices are what they are that it might help the client side understand much better. I am hoping that this can be quite helpful all around. 

Now just to be clear, there are many different professional painting businesses out there and they all have different rates for different reasons.  For example, some businesses have overhead costs to consider as they might pay rent for a separate space to paint outside of their home. Some businesses might also outsource some of their work to save time, or charge per hour instead of a flat rate.  Keep in mind that while it might make the prices a little higher, this might be a system that works specifically for the business and serves as a benefit to both the painter's work and their clients.  My objective in writing this blog post is not to speak for all the miniature painting services out there. The information in this blog I have made sure to keep pretty general using average numbers and such as a "starting point" (for lack of a better term).  This is just to help people in the community have an understanding.

We all know the saying "Time is money."
When it comes to commission painting, it is no different. When professional painters are working on a paint job, our time is worth money. Professional painters put a lot of money and time into their skill to get to that point.
  • Paint and Supplies- Professional painters have to obtain a lot of supplies in order to start painting for clients.  These items include (but are definitely not limited to) : Green stuff, Milliput, basing supplies, brushes, paints, airbrush, drills, pins, glues, and mixing mediums.  These supplies can range from costing hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on how much they have of these items. 
  • Education- While this type of job does not require a college degree or a certification, the amount of time that an actual professional painter puts into learning their craft and staying up to date can run into just as many study hours.  The education is obtained through classes at different conventions, books, website/video tutorials, instructional DVDs, and paint club meetings.  
With these points considered alone, it is easy to see why a professional painter would want to earn a return on the hard work they have put in.
Professional painters who also compete and have won prestigious awards and commendations (I.E.- Golden Demon, Crystal Brush) might charge a higher rate which is understandable.  Many sleepless nights were had in order to perfect their competition pieces and show their dedication to the craft. A lot of the awards out there are actually not that easy to obtain.
Depending on what quality paint job you as the client are looking for, it must be understood that you "get what you pay for".  This is another saying that I am sure we are all familiar with.  Once or twice I am sure that at least some of you have either made a purchase, had a car repair, or home repair done.  Thought you were being given a great deal, it was super cheap, and then in the end found out that it was crap, and had to go somewhere else and pay a little more to have the job done right. There are a lot of horror stories in relation to commission painting through someone that was not a professional.  The most common ones:
  • This person charged me $20 (or some other low price) to paint my figure/s. It has been a year and I have not received it back yet.
  • This person charged me (insert low, low price here) to paint my figure/s and when I got them back they were not they were not painted the way I asked.  Now I have to get them repainted.
There are other horror stories, but I am sure these two alone should suffice. I am sure you get the point.

Let's talk about average hours and prices.  Again, keep in mind that this is an average to give you an informational starting point, not actual. Professional painters paint at different speeds and all do things differently. These averages are based on a 28mm miniature.
  • The average rate for a table top quality (gaming quality) painted figure is $10-$30 as they take about 1-3 hours to complete.
  • The average hourly rate that a commission painting business charges is $10-$15 per hour. 
  • High table top quality (a nicer table top quality that has more layering of colors and blending) figures take an average of 3-8 hours to complete. 
  • Display quality (collector quality, these models are primarily used for display cases) painted models take an average minimum of 20+ hours to paint.
Double the times for larger figures (I.E.- 54mm)
Triple the times for dragons. 

Most miniature painting services also charge separately for assembly, drilling, gap filling, and pinning. This is because depending on the figure, assembling a figure can take hours alone.  This especially holds true for larger figures and dragons. 

I hope that this has been helpful. =)
Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have other questions.
Happy Painting to All!

Metalhead Minis Website
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New UPDATES and Guests!!

Hello All!! Im posting a quick note to bid everyone a good end to 2013 and Welcome 2014 in!!  We have been busy this year despite Family issues and several setbacks. BUT here is whats up and what we are doing!!

#1 Help for Heroes Salamander Whirlwind
This was a charity project headed up by IDIC BEER and benefiting Help for Heroes in the UK. More info here.

#2 Toys for Tots Auction Dark Angels Angelus Redemptor Super-heavy Tank 40K
This was a combined effort of Blood And Skulls Industry and benefiting Toys for Tots. As of right now It has raised over $525 for them!!! Not much longer to go though but it will be a great thing for the Kiddies!!

And third I have Added Lyn Stahl from Metalhead Minis as a guest author for the blog. She is an Good friend of mine and part of My "Dallas Connection" collective of Painter Friends I know including Exiled Miniatures and Hamster Cage Studio.... Maybe  can get some of them to be Guest authors here as well... who knows!! Anyway I plan to have more content this year for you and some great eye candy!!

Upcoming projects:
I have some upcoming projects that are going to be fun!! Here are some of the plans:
Chaos Warhound Titan
Brass scorpion commission (from a defiler)
Finishing up the Marine Army
Painting IG catachans 
Painting IG cadians
Painting IG Armor
and some actual bust painting as well as my Painting comp Entries!!

Well thats what Is planned so Have a great new year and Serve the Emperor well!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013


OK Guys Here are some more vids for you!!! First off the One part mold Video:

and Reconditioning Super Sculpey clay

Again I have NO IDEA WTF Blogger is not locating my videos so I had to post links again.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Quick notes: Im not dead!!!

Just a quick post to say im not dead and I am on track.... Heres a video or two I made telling you all about whats going on and what is coming up!!

I dont know why Blogger is not locating my youtube uploads BUT Here we go anyway...

Catching up: what I have been doing!

Quick vid on Measuring Volumes for mold making:

And Tomm morn we should have our One part mold video complete!!

Anyway Thanks again for stopping in and Serve the Emperor well!!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Quick Video: Airbrush

Hey Guys, I made a quick Vid of my airbrushes and sort of intro for some of the future Airbrush Posts and videos. Heres the Link:

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Quick post.... YOUTUBE!!!

OK Fellow Wargamers!!! Munkey Joes YOUTUBE channel is up and running!! I am not going to stop posting here BUT I will also include some videos in my posts. Here is some quick Vids I made and look for a complete Casting series in Video format!!!

Quick TIP: Display plinth from found Objects

And My Unboxing Video of the new Minitaire Paints